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The WordPress tool: smarter, stronger site management

Written By

Lydia Plant

Published on

June 4, 2019


WordPress, Features

Looking after a lot of WordPress sites? We are making it easier, with a real-time view of every plugin, every version and every vulnerability...

When you've got a server full of WordPress sites, keeping an eye on every plugin can feel like a pretty mammoth task. But take your eye off the ball, and your websites could become vulnerable, slow down or develop faults. Its a big challenge. But we've got a brand new way to help.

We're calling it our WordPress tool, and it's a clear, comprehensive overview of all the essential information you need to keep your WordPress websites running smoothly in STORM. Instead of hunting around for the details you need, you'll have them all served up in one simple table you can monitor at a glance and manage really easily. Handy, right? Here's how it works...

All your plugins, in one place

Open up STORM and click on WordPress. You'll see a straightforward table listing all the WordPress plugins you've got, across every website on your STORM server - whether that's one or 500. The table's automatically updated every few minutes, so whenever you add a new website, it'll pop up there too.

Alongside every plugin, you'll be able to see which website it's installed on and what version it is. Each night, the table updates to show you whether that's the latest update for the WordPress edition you're using, or one that's getting a bit out of date. It's a handy nudge to get a new version before things start slowing down.

Simple, stress-free searches

As well as showing you all this information in a. quick, scannable table, WordPress Tool also gives you the ability to search for a specific plugin if you need to. You'll be able to pull up the details of the sites it's installed on, and the ones it's not, so you can make sure you've got your default plugins working everywhere you need them.

Vulnerabilities spotted sooner

Crucially, the tool also runs nightly checks for vulnerabilities and exploits, across every single plugin you're using. Which means you can spot a potential problem before it becomes a real-life, phone-ringing, client-raging emergency. And who doesn't need that kind of safety net?

There's no place like STORM

So, to sum up, STORM's WordPress tool is a pretty nifty helping hand, and we think you're going to like it. Yes, other platforms have their own versions, but we think we've pulled it out of the bag when it comes to the simplest, most user-friendly plugin manager on the market.

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