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Website Tagging - Organise your server

Written By

Tim Dunton

Published on

January 7, 2019



To kick off the new year we’ve launched a new feature to make it easier to sort, view and organise your websites on STORM. On a STORM server with plenty of websites it can be difficult to remember which website belongs to which client, even the status of website build or even how much client's pay. The new Tagging system in STORM will make this process far easier.

To assign a tag to a web site just click Tagging on the server dashboard. You can then set a keyword, phrase and colour for each web site. These tags can be based on your own internal reference, client’s name, project status or another internal reference.

We have also made it really easy to search your websites by tags. On your list of websites you can search for any of your tags.

To delete a tag just hover over it with your mouse and click the cross (x).

We are looking to further develop this feature so please let us know your feedback.

UPDATED - 30th May 2019

Tagging now supports emojis. If you are using a Mac just click control-command space on any form field in STORM.

UPDATED - 18th March 2019

Tagging has been updated this month with some new features. Firstly, tags are now included in the server dashboard search and server website list. Secondly, when adding a tag to a website you will be offered autocomplete based on an existing tag. Lastly you can filter the website list by clicking on a tag.

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