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Super simple SSH Keys straight from your dashboard

Written By

Tim Dunton

Published on

March 2, 2020



Here at Nimbus we love making life easier – and websites more secure. Which is why we’re really pleased to announce a nifty new update that ticks both boxes.

If you have ever used SSH Keys before you’ll know how complicated they are to setup. With STORM we’ve made that really easy. If you’re new to SSH Keys then, here’s a quick recap…

What’s an SSH key anyway?

SSH stands for secure shell, and if you’ve got an SSH server (like on STORM), an SSH key identifies you as being a valid user so you don’t need to use a password. SSH keys use public-key cryptography and challenge-response authentication . So, the long and short of it is, they’re better than passwords. How? Well, unlike passwords, they’re not prone to brute-force attacks and won’t expose your credentials if a server’s compromised.

So what’s this update all about?

As we mentioned, until now SSH Keys have been a bit complicated. But we’ve changed all that, making it easy to step up your security, without losing your marbles. In fact, you can now do it straight from your STORM dashboard in just a few clicks.

Under your STORM profile by clicking your avatar in the top left of STORM, you’ll see 'SSH Keys' where you can add your public key. Once you have your public key saved you’ll be able to assign your key to any website under the SSH tab – so you can jump straight in and get down to work. If you're on a Mac you can click “Open SSH Click” link to log straight into a STORM.

It’s really easy to remove someone’s access to a website too – just remove that person from STORM, and you’ll be removing their key at the same time. Simple.

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