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Super-handy billing reminders, a whole new way to get paid faster

Written By

Sam Newby

Published on

March 16, 2020


It's always good to get paid on time. Good for your cashflow. Good for your client relationships. And really good for not losing your marbles. So our latest STORM update is all about helping you stay on top of your billing – giving you handy reminders when it's time to get invoicing.

We're calling it agency billing and it's based on feedback from our tagging system. We found that lots of you were using tagging as a reminder on when you bill your client's.

Therefore we built a system to handle just that! You can take your organisational prowess to a whole new level 🥳 and add a billing reminder tag to whatever websites, projects or clients you like. Just type in the date you'd like your reminder and when it rolls around, we'll drop you an email. No more letting your billing drift because you're busy. No more cashflow wobbles. No worries.

You can set up your reminders for monthly, quarterly or annually, or as recurring alerts if you want a reminder about billing a certain client every month, quarter or year. We can remind you once, or a handful of times. Whatever works for you.

There’s also the option to add as much detail as you need, from the amount you want to bill to the services you’re including – anything from hosting and SSL certificates to creative and SEO work.

Jump in and give it a go.

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