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STORM goes mobile friendly

Written By

Lydia Plant

Published on

June 17, 2019


STORM, Features

The internet takes no days off. It never pops to a meeting, goes on holiday or only needs your attention when you're sitting at your desk. So we thought it was about time you had the same super-fast, super-easy access to your websites, anytime, anywhere, straight from your mobile. Ready? Here goes...

We're here to make your life easy. Pure and simple. And until now, using Nimbus and STORM on your mobile hasn't been, well, quite up to scratch. Desktop? Awesome. Mobile? Not so much.

So, we've pulled out all the stops, called in our best technical bods and fixed things. The result? Today, we're totally mobile friendly, and we think you're going to love it. Let's take a look.

A completely mobile control panel

This is the biggie. Access your STORM control panel on your phone, anytime, anywhere. It's now fully optimised for mobile, so you can find everything you need fast - and work exactly the same way you would at your desk. At home, on the go, on the beach... wherever life takes you.

In fact every single function within STORM now works just as well on your mobile as your computer. Invite other users to a server or website in seconds, reboot your server, grab a password, fix things fast in an emergency and do all your troubleshooting, without traipsing into the office. Pretty darn handy if you ask us.

All you need to know, on the go

As well as being able to access each website when you're on the move, you'll also have much better access to ours. The Nimbus Hosting website is now completely mobile optimised, so it's easier to find the information, prices and contact details you need, anytime at all.

Get out and explore

With summer (hopefully) on its way, it's the perfect time to escape your desk, without getting behind on your work. So take STORM - and Nimbus - for a spin on your mobile and see just how easy it is to do your thing, wherever you want to be.

"61% of users are unlikely to come back to a mobile site they've had trouble tapping into. Worse, 40% will visit a competitor's site instead" - Google

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