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STORM 2019 - The Greatest Hits

Written By

Tim Dunton

Published on

December 18, 2019


STORM, Features

What a year 2019 has been for STORM! Many a feature has been introduced, along with lots of adjustments and tweaks which has made this an extremely productive and forward-thinking year for STORM! Our agile model for STORM means we will take on customer feedback and consider each and every option. Here are some of the most important and impactful ones, the best bits if you will. 

Website Tagging

Kicking off this collection of great features is website tagging, which has had a few refinements such as being able to use emojis within tags, them being shown in the server dashboard and website list, and being able to filter by tag. This feature really allows users to organise their sites and be efficient, instead of searching for a website for hours, saving them time!

WordPress Tool

The WordPress Tool (to give it it's affectionate nickname) has a pretty basic function, but a big impact. It allows you to view all of your WordPress plugins in one place for all sites on a server, and it will also let you know whether they are out of date and need updating! It also lets you know if there are any vulnerabilities, possibly saving you a few angry customer calls!

Staging on another server

Staging, the hosting equivalent of NASA having a spare rocket...well, sort of. In literally 10 seconds, you can create a staging site to test out all of your latest changes without disrupting your live website, so your visitors can still browse your site while you're developing the next big feature or update!

Dark Mode

Speaking of space and Dark, don't worry I won't make a Star Wars reference. Dark Mode has many benefits to your eyes as it's easier to read text on a dark background, as well as it reduces eye fatigue! Handy benefits to have when working longer days. Although hopefully with these changes, you shouldn't be using STORM for hours on end!

CPU/RAM Email Notifications

Having to check your CPU and Memory usage can easily slip the mind and before you know it your server is full and crashing. Disaster. Not after this update though, as now you can pick and choose how many notifications you got and at what resource usage, handy!


Finally, the big one. The addition of the free version of Cloudflare for Oxygen users and above. Cloudflare's main use is to help manage the traffic to your website, so your site doesn't get overwhelmed and crash. Because no one wants that. It also helps out with security, but to get the full run down read on here.

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