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Stop emails going to SPAM with SendGrid

Written By

Tim Dunton

Published on

February 26, 2019



We know how frustrating it can be for emails from your website, like order confirmations and contact forms, to end up in junk folders or in some circumstances to not arrive at all. Emails being lost or going into junk causes us plenty of tickets, but more importantly, causes lots of issues with clients losing order confirmations or even worse new business enquiries.

To solve this problem we teamed up with SendGrid to implement a one click Integration. Just sign up for an account with SendGrid and add an API key with just Mail Send access. Drop the API key into the SendGrid option under Configuration at the server level. STORM will automatically reconfigure your server to relay all email through SendGrid without the need for you to do any command line configuration.

Any emails sent on the server, including using the PHP mail() function, will now go out directly through SendGrid. For improving the reliability we recommend adding in the required SPF and DKIM records.

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