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Staging on another server

Written By

Michael Long

Published on

July 9, 2019



We're saying hello to another ground-breaking feature that's just landed in STORM, and is designed to make working your web magic that bit quicker and easier...

Your WordPress Staging websites on another server in just one click!

Whether you're migrating a website, building a new one or making some updates, launching on a staging site first is a great idea. It means you can try out all those new bells and whistles before the whole world sees them, while your existing website keeps doing its thing, uninterrupted. It's the perfect testing ground for anything new you want to do. And now we're making it even better...

How? Well, we've been recommending for a while that you set up a separate server for each of your clients, so any spikes in traffic for one client don't impact on the others. And now we're recommending you set up a separate staging server too. From today, it'll be super easy to do, in just one click, straight from your website dashboard. Watch our video below to see how easy it is! 

Staging Screenrecord


But why is it such a good idea?

Staging websites, by their very nature, are experimental places. Places you can try new tricks - and see whether they work. Sometimes they'll go perfectly, and sometimes they'll trip and take the rest of your websites down with them. By doing all your staging on a separate server, away from your live client websites, you'll be free to try anything you like, knowing if that server goes down, the only thing it'll interrupt is your other staging sites - which nobody but you can see anyway. 

Think of your staging server as a top-secret laboratory, where you're the maverick inventor and the only one with a key. If it all goes wonky, nobody's going to know. Sound good? Grab yourself a staging server from your STORM dashboard and get inventing!

*This function works on all websites using Duplicate or Staging! 

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