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Spin up a new project in your dashboard with ease

Written By

Tim Dunton

Published on

December 16, 2019



Life’s easier when you can see everything on your plate, at a glance. That’s the idea behind the STORM multi-server dashboard. It puts every server you’ve got, in one place. So you can find things fast, see what needs attention and make managing clients’ websites a bit of a doddle.

If you’ve already got a handful (or a lorryload) of servers with us, you’re probably super comfy clicking from server to server from your dashboard. You’ve got this. But if you’ve only got one STORM server, you might not realise just how handy our multi-server dashboard can be – or how easy it is to add another server when you’re ready.

Extra servers = extra peace of mind

There’s a tonne of reasons why you might want more than one server – to split out projects for different clients, to create a separate staging area for trying ideas before they go live, or to cope with more complex websites for e-commerce clients.

By separating out high-traffic sites or experimental work from the rest of your clients’ websites, you’re avoiding the risk of one problem taking down your entire portfolio – giving your clients (and yourself) a whole lot more peace of mind.

Grab a new server straight from your dashboard

Whatever comes your way, when you want to add another server, you can now do it straight from your STORM dashboard, just by clicking the 'add a new server' option. It’s easier than ever and we’ll have it up and running in seconds.

Once that’s done, whenever you log into STORM you’ll see your new server right next to your old one on your dashboard. Same goes when you add a second, third, fourth or forty-fourth. You’ll have an at-a-glance view of CPU, memory and disk space on each one, and when you’re ready to get to work, just click on the server you need, and dive right in. Super simple.

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