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Sort your Plugins super fast and spot vulnerabilities in seconds

Written By

Tim Dunton

Published on

November 6, 2019


WordPress, Features

Today we’re launching another brand new STORM update, designed to make life (and website management) that little bit easier. This one’s all about WordPress Plugins – giving you a clearer picture of what you’ve got – and where your vulnerabilities are lurking.

In STORM, you’ve always been able to look at a server and see a list of the WordPress Plugins related to it. You could see which ones were vulnerable and which ones needed updating. Great. But with the list organised in no particular order, sifting through the information took time and wasn’t as easy as it really ought to be. So we thought we’d make some changes.

From today, just click on ‘WordPress’ in our left-hand navigation menu and you’ll open up a list of every Plugin you’ve got. It’s now sortable by name , date or vulnerability, making it much easier to find the details you need, keep your projects on track, see which sites have which Plugins and spot potential problems before they get started.

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