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Searching just got speedier! Jump straight to the page you need!

Written By

Tim Dunton

Published on

June 25, 2020



Nobody likes a slow search function. Or one that struggles to get you where you need to go. Which is why we’re always working hard to make the STORM search even better. And today we’ve got a couple of neat little updates we think you’ll love. Here they come…

Search by site + page

Until now, you’ve only been able to search STORM for website names – not specific pages within them. Which meant finding a site, opening it up and drilling down to find the page you need. It just took too many clicks – so we’ve upped our search game.

From today, you’ll find a brand new page list added to the left of the search screen. Just choose a page on the left, plus a site on the right, and jump straight to that page, on that site. Easy.

For example, say you needed to make some changes to the SSL on your site, you could just type ‘supercomfy:’ - the colon is so that the search knows you want that website. Then type the page you want, for example "SSL", and – bingo – we’ll bring you all the results that combine those two things!

Chances are, it won’t be many, so you’ll be able to click on the one you want, hit enter and jump straight in there. Less searching, less scrolling and fewer clicks to get you where you need to be, faster.

We've also made it so that you can enter less and still get to where you want. For the example above, you could type in "supercomf:s" and it would show you everything with "supercomf" in it (most likely that site) and then all the pages that start with "S". So that would bring up pages like Suspend and SSL. Handy!

Search using just your keyboard

Everyone’s got their own way of working, and we want to make STORM as intuitive as possible, however you get things done. So, our second update gives you the option of searching STORM, using just your keyboard and arrow keys. No mouse? No problem.

Just press shift + space together to instantly open up a STORM search, then type in what you’re searching for. If your search brings up several options, you can scroll through them using your keyboard arrow keys, with the light blue box showing the option you’re currently on. Once you find what you need, just hit enter and we’ll take you straight there.

Happy searching!

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