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Say hello to our brand new notes! The quick, easy way to write reminders.

Written By

John Halsey

Published on

April 29, 2020



Our latest update brings the magic of Post-it notes right onto your STORM dashboard. So you can leave a note for yourself – or someone else – attached to any website you’re working on. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s going to come in pretty handy…

Write yourself a reminder

If you’re working on lots of different sites, chances are you’ll sometimes need to leave yourself a reminder about something you’ve done, need to do, or want to check out later.

With our new notes feature, you can stop scribbling things down on paper, and start leaving yourself reminders, right where you’re working – ready to pick up and put into action next time.

Leave a note for the next person

Notes are also really handy when you’re working on a website with other people. Maybe you’ve spotted something you’d like someone else to take a look at, seen a problem you need to tell someone about, or got some tasks to handover to a different person on your team.

Our new notes make it easy to leave a message right where people will see it, so teams work better and nothing gets missed. No need to send a separate email, use a different channel or pick up the phone – just click on the plus icon on the right of your screen and leave a quick note. 

Log the whole conversation

We’ll log all the notes for each website in one place, so it’s easy to look back at messages, track conversations and keep tabs on what’s happening, site by site. You’ll find the latest note right at the top, where it’s really easy for everyone to spot. On top of this, you can "stick" one note to the website dashboard for everyone to see when they jump on. Bingo.

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