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Quick memory & CPU alerts. Always know when you’re running low

Written By

Tim Dunton

Published on

November 13, 2019



When you’re busy doing your thing, keeping tabs on your server’s memory and CPU isn’t always your main priority. We get it. Which is why we’re bringing in handy email alerts that let you know when they’re running low. They’re your cue to manage your server, do a spot of reorganising or just ask us for some extra space to keep server performance tip top.

You can even choose how many alerts you get – and how soon – so you get the reminders you need, without feeling bombarded. If you’d like a heads-up when your server’s memory and CPU reach 80%, no problem. But if you don’t want to know till they hit 90%, or even 95%, that’s totally fine too. Don’t want alerts at all? You can even turn them off completely.

Setting it all up is pretty simple. Just open the notifications tab on your dashboard and flick the toggle next to the notifications you’d like. Choose one or choose a few – you do you.

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