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PHP 7.4 comes to STORM

Written By

Tim Dunton

Published on

February 10, 2020



The new, improved version of PHP goes live in STORM today, bringing you better performance, faster execution, updated security and a whole load of new, time-saving functions.

Why now? Well, PHP 7.4 was released back in November, but we like to wait until new versions get their first update, just to avoid any potential teething problems . That update happened in December and we’re pleased to say version 7.4 is looking great.

Designed to improve code readability and maintenance, it’s got a bunch of brilliant new features. They include preloading and server operator in array expression – both designed to boost performance. There’s also a null coalescing assignment operator feature, plus shorter, clearer syntax of the arrow functions – helping you write more intuitive, cleaned-up code.

Alongside these, you can also expect:

  • Improved typed properties
  • Better support for weak references
  • Covariant returns and contravariant parameters
  • Updated deprecations
  • A new custom object serialisation mechanism

Because PHP’s come such a long way, we’ve also decided now’s the time to remove its oldest version from STORM. So, from 4th February, we won’t be supporting PHP 5.6 for security or bug fixes, as well as the creation of a new site. It won't be an option anymore.

If your site’s still using it don’t worry, you can carry on, but we recommend upgrading when you can – it’ll give you better security, support, functionality and performance.

We hope you love the new PHP, but if you’ve got any questions fire away  – we’re here to help.

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