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From load speed to tweaks in functionality, the little things matter!

Written By

Tim Dunton

Published on

December 2, 2019



When it comes to Shaping STORM, we often only talk bout the big changes, and often we forget about the little things, the details, the crucial pieces of the puzzles. But this time (surely you can guess this part) we're going to talk about some of those small details that make the user experience...better!

Website Dashboard

On the Website Dashboard, you can now dismiss the dark mode message at the top of the screen, as not being able to get rid of it can be pretty annoying. Now it will definitely go away.

Deployment History

Your Deployment History now loads much faster, before it was a bit like a turtle, whereas now its super speedy! And we also changed the text in the DNS zone to be a more in line with our values of being f***ing clear :)


We have added a modal pop up when adding a Database to show you the process of the action being completed, similar to when you're watching an application update. This will show you when the job has been completed successfully. Woo!

This feature could be implemented elsewhere across the platform if it's successful, so keep your eyes peeled!

Website Search

We shortened Website Search results to 15, as people could have hundreds of sites to load in, and this would crash STORM because each site has a DNS check when being loaded. This means that if the site you're looking for doesn't show in the results, just refine your search a little more to find it. In addition to this search change, we have removed the indentation of staging sites. Before they were jutted out in the results, but now they sit flush with the rest of the sites, all snug!

In the left hand navigation, the website area has been changed to only display 15 websites as well, as similar to search, each site has a DNS check, and when someone has hundreds of sites loading it crashes STORM. Both errors there have been fixed!

No matter what feedback we get, like introducing a big feature such as Cloudflare, or someone letting us know that some text isn't making sense, we like to address them all!

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