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More search updates! See whether websites are live or not, faster!

Written By

John Halsey

Published on

November 11, 2019



We’ve been working hard on the STORM search function lately, making it easier to find servers, websites, domains, actions and users. It’s all because we want STORM to be super fast, intuitive and user friendly. And with that in mind, we’ve added another update to the mix…

From today, when you search for a website in STORM, the results will flag whether that site’s live or suspended. If it’s showing as live, that means the DNS is set up and the IP address is pointing to the right server. You’re visible to the world. Bingo. If it’s showing as live + suspended, that means it’s all set up and good to go, but you’ve chosen to suspend it so it’s not visible right now.

It’s a small but super practical tweak designed to help you do your thing, faster and with less faff.

We brought it in because we know some of you often have more than one version of a client’s website – one that’s live and maybe another in development, defunct – or even temporarily taken down till your client pays their bills.

Now you can nip straight to the one you need – finding the right version, on the right server, without having to open it up to check. We reckon it’s a pretty handy shortcut. Hope you do too.

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