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Making STORM more intuitive so you can do your thing, even faster

Written By

Tim Dunton

Published on

January 8, 2020



Life’s busy, so the best tech tools need to be intuitive. Simple. Straightforward. They should anticipate the things you need to do, and make it easier to do them. And that’s exactly why, over the next few weeks, we’ll be making a few changes to STORM’s user interface (UI)…

Over the past couple of years, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the way everyone uses STORM – the journeys you take to get tasks done, the things you trip up on, the things you zip through.

Taking that on board, we’ve put together a package of updates to streamline those journeys. They’re less about launching new features, and more about making the whole interface better, simpler and more intuitive. So, what have we got up our sleeves?

Helping you find your way, faster

First things first, we’re sharpening up the wording we use right across STORM, so everything’s super clear and simple. We’ll also be improving the navigation by giving you a breadcrumb trail much earlier in the process that helps you find your way around.

Decluttering your dashboard

We’ve looked again at what’s most important on your dashboard – what you really need to see, right away. As a result, we’re getting rid of that second search bar and making the main one much more useful.

We’ll soon be putting your websites on your dashboard too, so you can see them at a glance, without having to rummage around. You’ll also be able to see much more clearly when any of your servers are due for a restart, helping you keep everything running really smoothly.

Speeding up our support

Finally, we’ll be making it easier to access support, straight from STORM, with a faster way to raise a ticket or chat to our team. Because when you need help, you shouldn’t have to hang around.

Got some feedback?

Everything we’re updating is designed to make your life easier, so we really hope you like it. As ever, we’d love to hear your feedback, so if you fancy leaving a comment here on the blog or over on Twitter, fire away. We’re all ears.

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