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Keep track of your DNS straight from your dashboard

Written By

Michael Harkess

Published on

March 12, 2020



If you’re looking after a whole load of websites across a whole load of servers, keeping track of each site’s DNS can be pretty tough. So, our latest STORM update is all about making it quicker and easier (you’re welcome 😉).

From today, you’ll be able to see nameservers for each website, super easily in STORM. Just open up STORM and click on the website’s dashboard. As well as all the latest info on storage, SSLs and software, you’ll see the nameserver where your site’s being hosted.

If you’ve got Cloudflare activated on that site, you’ll see the Cloudflare logo next to the nameserver – and you’ll also see our red, amber or green traffic light dots showing whether everything’s ship shape on your site.

You can even opt to receive email notifications if your DNS expires or starts pointing to another provider. That’s really handy if your client manages their own domain, because if they choose to move it, you’ll know sooner and be able to react faster to protect the account.

Log in and take a look. And if you’ve got any questions, just drop us a line or raise a ticket.

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