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Hello backup codes! Because everyone needs a hand now and then…

Written By

Tim Dunton

Published on

March 5, 2020


Features, Security

You know we love keeping your servers secure. Which is why we’ve had two-factor authentication on STORM for, well, ages now. It’s essentially a second layer of security that makes sure anyone trying to get into an account, a system, or in our case a server, is who they say they are.

Two-factor authentication means you always need your phone handy. Trouble is, phones get lost, or stolen, replaced or dropped somewhere awkward on a pretty regular basis, which might just leave you locked out of your server while your work keeps stacking up.

So, we thought it was about time we came in with a solution for such an eventuality. Which is why we now support backup codes. Just save them to your password manager or in an app like 1Password or LastPass and whatever happens to your phone (we won’t ask), you’ll still be able to get on with looking after your websites. Phew.

Just a reminder – STORM 2 Factor for iPhone and Android works with 1Password, Google Authenticator and Authy. For Mac and Windows, it works with 1Password. We really recommend Authy, because it makes life much easier when you need a new phone.

Get yourself a backup code…

Take a look at Authy for iPhone and Android

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