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Git Deployment

Written By

Tim Dunton

Published on

June 27, 2018




We know how frustrating and confusing it can be to configure deployment from a Git repository like BitBucket and Github, so we’ve spent a considerable amount of time making this feature really easy to use with the least clicks as possible.

We have made it easy to access by adding a Deployment tab under each web site which hooks directly into BitBucket and GitHub. You’ll be asked to authorise to one of these providers which gives STORM access to a list of your repositories.

Once you have authorised BitBucket or GitHub you can mirror a repository and branch directly with a web site or folder on your STORM server. Therefore any changes that are made can either be pulled instantly with a single click from inside STORM or automatically deployed if you enable the automatic deployment toggle.

You will find that either of these options are much faster than using FTP and SSH as changes are deployed within seconds rather than waiting for local file transfers to be completed. This process is even faster if you are already using GitHub or BitBucket to store and manage your code.

We expect Git Deployment to be a very popular feature inside STORM but we would love to receive your feedback on how we can further develop this feature.

This video shows you just how simple it really is to enable this feature!

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