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Find your server faster in the breadcrumb navigation bar

Written By

Tim Dunton

Published on

October 28, 2019


STORM, Features

We’ve always been believers in small changes that make a big difference, so today we launched a pretty handy tweak to our breadcrumb navigation bar. Here goes.

If you’ve got more than one server on STORM, you’re already used to seeing the server stack in the blue nav bar at the top of your dashboard. It’s this little icon right here . Click on it and you jump right to your server menu – the screen showing all your servers in one place, so you can pick the one you need. So far so good. Unless you’ve only got one server with us…

Because until recently, if you only had one STORM server, you wouldn’t see the server icon in your nav bar. At all. Which meant jumping right to your server menu was trickier than it should be. So we fixed it.

Now the server icon sits in everyone’s nav bar, no matter how many servers you’ve got. Which means you can hop right in, find your way around STORM – and check things like memory, disk space and CPU – a whole lot faster. Job done.

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