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DNS Drama? Fix things fast with our email alerts

Written By

Tim Dunton

Published on

August 12, 2020



When a website goes down, you need to know fast. Whether it’s your own site or a client’s, serious downtime can mean serious problems, from dented customer confidence to a dip in daily sales. Which is why we’re here to give you a super speedy heads-up.

One of the most common causes of downtime dramas is when the DNS for one of your websites stops pointing at your server. Think of your server as the website’s home, and your DNS as the postal system that puts people in touch with it. If the DNS isn’t directed at the server, nobody can find your site, however hard they try. It’s a real headache, but we can help.

If you’re on any of our STORM packages, from Helium up, you can now get email alerts if a site’s DNS stops pointing at your server. Just hop over to the notifications panel on your STORM dashboard and flick the toggle under STORM notifications that looks like this…



Why might my site’s DNS stop pointing at my server?

Two reasons. First up, the domain might have expired. If it’s a client’s website and they handle their own domains, it’s time to give them a nudge to get on and renew it. Second, the site’s hosting might have been moved to another provider. If your client’s moved their hosting without letting you know, you’ll need to iron things out with them, fast.

Whether it’s a missed renewal date, a case of crossed wires or an unhappy client that’s causing your DNS issues, knowing about it quickly is the best way to put things right. Our emails alerts will keep you in the loop so you can proactively manage your websites, get ahead of potential problems and call your clients before they call you. Pretty handy, right?

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