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Which feature should we focus on next?

Written By

Michael Long

Published on

August 13, 2019


STORM, Features

We want to shape STORM for you, our loyal, brilliant users and web-wizards. There are three features that are on our radar that we think you'd really benefit from having in STORM, and make web development that extra bit easier.

These are straight up for a vote! These could be added to our STORM SPRINT's, which means they can be completed quite easily. 

1) Bulk delete Whitelist

Some of our users have reported that deleting multiple IP addresses on the Security can be time consuming. Should we look at a faster way to delete more than one address? For example, checkboxes?

2) Drag and drop upload of Database

During a website build, would you like a faster method to upload your database? You select the database and drag your database over the browser window to upload it.

3) Import Redirects from text file (CSV/.htaccess) 

At the end of a website build, you want to upload a list of redirects forming all your old URLs to your new website addresses. Would you prefer to have a really easy method of uploading a CSV, text file or .htaccess file with all the changes?


Let us know what we should focus on next out of the three suggestions. We look forward to hearing what would work best for you.

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