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Cook up a STORM with WordPress recipes

Written By

John Halsey

Published on

August 26, 2020


WordPress, Features

Today’s update is all about whipping up WordPress sites faster than ever, with a little help from your favourite recipes. No, we’re not talking about your mum’s Victoria sponge (so put those eggs down), we’re talking about a super-easy shortcut you can take again and again.

WordPress what? Yes, recipes! WordPress recipes are a really handy way to speed up installs for brand-new websites, by using themes and plugins you’ve already tried and loved.

Say you’ve got a WordPress site that’s working really well, with just the right mix of plugins and themes, and you’d like to create another site with the same basic setup. Well now you can, without duplicating all the groundwork you’ve already done. All it takes is a couple of clicks…

How to write a recipe (move over Jamie Oliver)

  • Open up STORM and go into your server
  • Pick the website you want to create your recipe from
  • On the website dashboard, click ‘Recipes’ on the left-hand side
  • You’ll see all the plugins and themes that site currently uses
  • Click on all the ones you’d like to include in your recipe
  • Hit ‘Create recipe’ and you’re good to go!

How to use a recipe (no wooden spoon required)

  • From your server dashboard, click ‘Create new website’
  • Choose WordPress from the application dropdown
  • Select the recipe you want from the specified dropdown
  • Fill out the rest of the site details as normal
  • Bingo! Your new site’s all set up with plugins and themes

And that’s it. Recipes are a quick, easy way to create great WordPress sites, without having to start from scratch each time. Write as many as you like, chopping and changing the ingredients (that’s plugins and themes, not chocolate chips) to build up a bank of tried-and-tested website templates you can go to any time you like. Pretty nifty, right?

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