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Put troublemakers on the block list in two quick clicks… boom!

Written By

John Halsey

Published on

March 9, 2020


Features, Security

It’s not always sunshine and rainbows out there online, and if you’ve ever been the target of a nuisance IP, you’ll know what a massive headache it can be.

It’s not unusual to hear of these guys brute forcing people’s servers, triggering unnecessary downtime or worse a compromised website.

The solution? Block that bad IP, fast. The problem? Until now, it’s been a fairly complex process, involving the kind of command line coding skills  not everyone has at their fingertips. If you’re not a tech wiz, you may need to contact Nimbus Support therefore not able to react as fast as you’d like – leaving problems to linger on.

So, we thought we’d fix things for good, with a new update that lets you block bad IP addresses in just two clicks. No coding. No complicated stuff. No worries.

Just go to your server and click security and you’ll see a panel pop up called ‘Website Blocked IPs’. Type in the troublesome IP address, give it a reference for your records and click ‘Block IP’. Done and done.

Block one IP or a whole bunch, and stop them accessing any of your websites. If you make a mistake, you can add them again in seconds too. Super easy.

So, don’t put up with dodgy IP addresses making trouble on your server. Hit that big ole block button, bar them fast and show them who’s boss. We’re with you all the way.

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