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Auto Allow IP Addresses

Written By

Tim Dunton

Published on

March 6, 2019



At Nimbus Hosting we are constantly monitoring which features are being used and how users are interacting with them. This process allows us to quickly discover bugs and constantly evolve how we offer our product.

One of the most popular features in STORM is the 'allow an IP address'. We found that users were logging in to just allow an IP address and then logging out without using any other feature. This involved quite a few clicks so we wondered if we could make this simpler.

We sat down, discussed the problem and came up with a new feature called Auto IP allow. Auto Allow is a simple feature, that once enabled, will automatically allow your IP on the servers you have specified as soon as you login. This is set to expire in a day but saves multiple clicks. If you log in again from the same IP the following day and the IP address has expired, STORM will extend your 'pass' in to the server by another 24 hours.

The IP address is allowed for SSH, MySQL and, when PCI Compliance is enabled, FTP access to.

For security we recommend having two factor security enabled but STORM can remember your browser for 30 days so you don't have to waste time looking for your smart phone each time you login.

We think this feature will be useful any developers or freelancers that regularly change location, or have a dynamic IP address, but always need access to the same servers.

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