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We're making your world a whole lot more whizz-bang. Meet STORM, a unique hosting platform created for creatives. Find out all the latest fuss here.

Quick memory & CPU alerts. Always know when you’re running low

More search updates! See whether websites are live or not, faster!

Sort your Plugins super fast and spot vulnerabilities in seconds

Improving WordPress security with default blocking of XML-RPC

Find your server faster in the breadcrumb navigation bar

Find everything faster with our smart new search bar

Restart your server straight from your dashboard

The STORM roadmap

Turn your websites off (and on again) in just one click

What we've learnt about deployment

Which feature should we focus on next?

Faster access to the content you need

Staging on another server

STORM News becomes Shaping STORM!

STORM turns 2!

3 super useful STORM updates

STORM goes mobile friendly

4 nippy new STORM features

The WordPress tool: smarter, stronger site management

Stay better focused on your work in Dark Mode

Auto Whitelist IP Addresses

Stop emails going to SPAM with SendGrid

PHP 7.3 now on STORM

View your WordPress Development Sites Faster

A Single Login is Bad for your Business

Website Tagging - Organise your server

Faster STORM Search

WordPress 5.0, older versions and Gutenberg

Hugo: The World’s Fastest CMS now on STORM

Free Web Site Encryption that just works

DNS Now Inside STORM

Duplicate Web Site

Git Deployment

GDPR Update: Force Two Factor Authentication

Improved Security with Pwned Passwords

ionCube and Even Faster PHP (7.2)

Keeping your Server Secure

Browser Cache Expiration Time

Internationalised Domain Names in STORM

STORM Online Demo

Two Step Login

Let’s Encrypt Multi Domain (SAN) Support

Now Supporting Let's Encrypt

Early August Updates

Faster Page Loading with NGINX

Launching STORM News

Launching STORM News

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