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Add whole teams to your STORM servers in just a few quick clicks

Written By

John Halsey

Published on

November 20, 2019


STORM, Features

There’s often a whole bunch of people who need quick, easy access to a server's inner workings, from site owners and project managers to developers and designers.

Until now, whenever a new person joined a project, you had to manually add their details to every server they’d be accessing. Which might be a lot. And if your existing team was starting a new project on a new server… yep, you’d have to type in everyone’s details all over again.

That’s a lot of typing, and a lot of time wasted. So we’ve switched things up. Now you can create and save teams within STORM, adding a whole team to a server (or lots of servers) in just a couple of clicks. Build multiple teams to match your project needs, then add or remove people whenever you need to.

So, if someone new joins the business, you can add them to a whole load of servers instantly, just by adding them to a team. Likewise, if someone leaves the business, you can stop them accessing all those servers, just by removing them from the team. Pretty useful, right?

So how does it work?

First things first, log in and click on a server followed by 'Users’ on the left-hand navigation menu. Scroll down the Users page to find the Teams section. On this page you can create a new team or assign an existing team.

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