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It’s nifty, it’s new… it’s the active queue! Serving up job status' so you can keep track

Written By

Tim Dunton

Published on

April 20, 2020



Sometimes small things make a big difference. And that’s the idea behind today’s STORM update. Because we’ve added a nifty little tool in the top right-hand corner of your dashboard, designed to tell you what your server’s up to, in real time. We’re calling it the active queue.

The active queue?

Yep, that’s right. It’s a small, stacked burger menu that sits right next to a traffic-light dot. If the dot’s green, everything’s great and all your jobs are complete. If it’s amber, you’ve got a job in a queue or waiting to be done – and if it’s red then a job you’ve requested has failed.

If you’d like a bit more detail, just hover over your active queue and it’ll expand to show you a list of all the jobs currently queued up, whether you’re adding a website, adding an SSL or whitelisting an IP Address. You’ll also be able to see what the hold-up or problem is, helping you decide whether to wait, try again or do something differently.

Keeping you (and your servers) happy

It’s a much-requested feature we’ve designed based on your feedback. Lots of you said you wanted to be able to see the status of your jobs, so you could avoid overwhelming your server with repeated requests. We listened and worked a little magic. We hope you like the results.

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