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A Single Login is Bad for your Business

Written By

Tim Dunton

Published on

January 14, 2019



With other hosting platforms like Plesk and cPanel it is common to share the login to your servers with your team. With STORM we take a different approach that each member of your team should be invited into the server instead. We have made this process very easy by just typing their email address into the team section of each server and clicking invite. If you have multiple servers we have recently added a tick box to invite them to all of the servers in one invite.

Invite User to Multiple Servers

Once you have clicked invite STORM takes care of the rest by either inviting them to register for STORM for the first time or, if they already have an account, adding the server to their existing account. You can use this approach for both members of your staff or external freelancers.

We suggest this approach for a number of reasons:-

All events are logged by user

Underneath recent events all actions that the user performs are logged against the website or server. Should something go wrong it is very easy to find out who completed that action.

GDPR Compliance

With shared logins details you have no control over who and who doesn't know the password. This is very important when you need to comply with GDPR.

Two Factor Security

If each member of your team has their own STORM login they can enable Two Factor Authentication under their profile. STORM Two Factor Authentication works with a HMAC compatible device like the Google Authenticator App available for iPhone and Android as well as 1Password. If you have not used two factor before it works by requiring both your smart phone as well as password to login to STORM. To prevent this task from becoming time consuming STORM can remember PC or Mac for 30 days.

Two Levels of Access

The primary user of the STORM server we call the owner. The owner has permission to invite other members of their team into STORM. Anyone who has been invited does not have permission to invite anyone else in. This means the owner always has control of who has access to their servers.

Should you need to elevate a member of your team to an owner please contact support who can arrange this for you.

Single Dashboard for Freelancers

Freelancers who work across different teams, agencies or end clients can have a single login for all their servers. The single STORM login reduces having multiple logins and improves security by avoiding spreadsheets and scraps of paper full of logins that could be easily compromised.


Both GitHub and BitBucket work on the same security principle as STORM where each user should have their own login. We brought this into STORM where users have access to their own repositories which, for security, should not be shared with other members of your team.

Removing Access is a Breeze

If this member of your team or freelancer leaves you can just remove their access with a single click without having to reset any passwords.

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