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4 nippy new STORM features

Written By

Lydia Plant

Published on

June 10, 2019



We are always looking for new ways to make STORM faster, simpler and more user friendly, so you can fly between tasks like a pro. Here's a quick roundup of our latest shiny new updates...

Simpler, smarter UI

We've updated STORM's user interface to make it a simpler, more streamlined place to work, with a modernised design, new icons and rounded corners.

The icons have replaced words in the breadcrumbs, avoiding some potentially annoying repetition. They also now appear in the left-hand navigation, saving space and making it easier to find the options you need.

As well as smartening STORM up, it should make it more intuitive - there's a theory that people can read and remember icons faster than text. We'd love to hear what you think.

Search from every page

We've added a new search facility onto every single page in STORM, so you can move to another website, server or domain from anywhere you're working - not just the dashboard. When you do search, you'll also find we've made the results easier to read.

Say hello to Gravatar

Gravatar is a tool from the team behind WordPress and it stands for Globally Recognised Avatar. You've probably got an avatar if you use Instagram, Twitter, Basecamp or any one of thousands of online tools, websites and forums. It's an icon or photo that represents you and your users, and will soon be included in 'recent events'!

Page redirects

Page redirects is a simple tool that expands on STORM's existing redirects functionality, letting you redirect pages or directories from one address to another. For example, from to

More updates coming your way soon...

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