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3 super useful STORM updates

Written By

Lydia Plant

Published on

June 27, 2019


This week, we’re saying hello to three handy new features landing in STORM. They’re small changes designed to make working your web magic that bit quicker and easier…

Edit and add to your DNS records more easily

If you’re looking after a whole load of websites for your clients, it’s really important to keep track of your domains, with records of which website’s hosted where, and whether it syncs with STORM. We’ve just made some useful changes to the DNS user experience, to make it easier to add and edit your DNS records!

From now on you’ll be able to see, at a glance, where each of your DNS records (basically each of your websites) is hosted. For example, you might be using STORM but not yet have migrated a particular site’s hosting. Beside each one, you’ll see a simple thumbs up or thumbs down to show whether that site’s pointing to the Nimbus server, for the best possible performance.

Buy a brilliant SSL straight through STORM

SSL certificates show you’ve got security all wrapped up, giving your website’s users the peace of mind that their details are protected. It’s already easy to enable a Let’s Encrypt SSL, totally free, straight from STORM. In fact, all it takes is one click and is ideal if you’re running a brochure site or a blog!

But what if you want to up your security game with a more robust SSL, giving your customers even more confidence? Well, now you can. And you don’t even have to leave the control panel. 

Because from today, you’ll spot something new in STORM. A rather handy ‘Buy’ button, which means you can actually pay for things like SSLs from within STORM, rather than just through the Nimbus website or giving us a call. It’s a simpler, faster way of doing things, which is what we’re all about.

Choose a RapidSSL for instant verification of your website’s ownership. As soon as you start collecting customer data, you need to up your security game! Perhaps you need a GeoTrust EV SSL that gives you the same mighty green bar of confidence you see at the top of big-name websites like banks and building societies. When you’re asking people to make payments through your website, you need to have your security all sewn up.

Just click on the SSL you want, enter the details it asks for and pay. You can even save your card details in STORM for anything you want to buy later. Handy stuff.

For more information about which SSL best applies to you, we wrote a pretty useful blog piece for you here.

Pick your own server hostnames

Until now, if you ordered a new server, we’d give it a default hostname at random, and you’d be stuck with it. You could nickname the server on your dashboard, but it wouldn’t change the actual server name on record, making things like invoices more confusing than they ought to be. 

Lots of you told us you’d like to be able to edit those hostnames, using something clearer like the names of your clients. Well the good news is, we’ve fixed it – so now you can.

From today, whenever you order a server, you’ll be able to name it yourself, straight from STORM. Instead of just being a nickname, it’ll be the official name of your server, so you’ll see it seamlessly appear on invoicing, in your dashboard and every time you use that server. Simple.

That’s all for now. Watch out for more updates soon…

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